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Meet Tiara Skye

Hi everyone! Welcome! Here's a little bit about the person you see behind the camera! Just in case you were wondering ;)


I am 34 years young, born and raised in Utah. My 16 year old & 10 year old dogs are my kids. I LOVE furbabies, mine are my life!! My hair is always changing. I have a slight obsession with my Broncos and the NFL ;). I enjoy anything outdoors along with some relaxing Netflix binging and Fortnite (slight nerd over here)!









My love for photography has been there ever since I was little, I believe I get it from my cute grandma who was always taking pictures of literally everything. She'd always pose me by her flowers outside and all her cute holiday décor.  I instantly fell in love when holding my own new fancy camera, decided to start my own business, and have been doing photography ever since! I have been an official licensed business owner since 2012. Most everything I do has been self taught but I did take a few classes in school and a few courses online. I have been professionally trained on newborn safety and posing as well. I plan on taking more classes in the future to advance my skills. I am always looking to improve what I do! 

I love staying busy and photography is my passion and my main focus! I absolutely love the un-posed moments... the realism in them is what makes me enjoy photography so much. I try to take candid fun shots as well as the posed shots. You should be able to look at your photos and remember the magic your cute family has. I am here to help you achieve some beautiful moments to add to your home. I believe pictures are a HUGE part of life and everyone should get family photos! Even though some of you may not want too, I LOVE when mom and dad get in front of the camera too, your kids will forever cherish photos with you in them! Don't worry, I'm here to help make that grumpy dad who hates photos smile anyways ;). If you need outfit or location help I can do that! I try to stay as affordable as I can but also deliver quality images. If you believe we'd be a good match, then send me a message! I can't wait to hear from you!

*Special thanks to Developing Bliss Photography and Two Color Photography. for a few of the photos you see posted here. As you can tell, I love getting my photos done too!


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